3 Minute Egg: Mike Hazard + the ‘Seeds of Change’ of Hmong-American farmers

Mike Hazard sees his artistic life in three parts — writing, photography and documentary video — and all three merge in “Seeds of Change,” an exhibition of photography commissioned by the Hmong-American Farmers Association on view through July at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. Let’s meet Mike and learn a little through his lens about the lives and work of local Hmong-American farmers.

Mike Hazard's 'Seeds of Change' with Hmong-American farmers from 3-Minute Egg on Vimeo.

Source: http://3minuteegg.org/

Jeremy Iggers
Author: Jeremy Iggers

Jeremy Iggers is a journalist, university instructor and social entrepreneur with interests that include food, philosophy and global-local connections. Previously, he was a staff writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and publisher of the Twin Cities Daily Planet. He lives in south Minneapolis with his wife Carol and two cats.

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