The Twin Cities are known for our progressive politics, great public parks, and the worst segregation of any major metropolitan area.

What can we do about it?

Speak out, vote and organize.

And we can also get to know each other better.

Visit a Somali restaurant. Take a tour of North America’s biggest Hindu temple. Shop in a Latino mall.

Global Twin Cities is a community information resource, and a place to explore the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Twin Cities. We focus on civic and cultural content that opens doors and windows for outsiders into the cultural lives of ethnic and immigrant communities. That includes calendar listings for arts, music, civic and community events, directories of restaurants, shops, media outlets, houses of worship and community organizations, and photo and video content.

If you know of an upcoming community event that should be listed in our calendar, just click here to add it.

The purpose of Global Twin Cities is to help create a more vibrant and more inclusive Twin Cities, where  residents have increased opportunities to engage across the boundaries of race, class and culture. This is important in a metropolitan area where, in spite of increasing demographic diversity, most residents live very segregated lives, with high degrees of segregation in schools, housing and social networks. That segregation makes the cultural, economic and religious lives of ethnic and immigrant Minnesotans largely invisible to the general public.

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