Ziadi’s Mediterranean Cuisine: An Undiscovered Gem

My years as a professional restaurant critic have made me a very picky eater, which may be why my wife and I don't eat out nearly as often as we used to. Too often, the new restaurants we try are overhyped, overcrowded, overpriced and too damn noisy. Ziadi's Mediterranean Cuisine is none of the above. It has gotten very little press, which may be one reason that few people … [Read more...]

Insight News: Black in chef’s whites: Jared Brewington

Jared Brewington is bounding around 805 E. 38th St. with the enthusiastic, slightly unhinged energies of a new dad.The tiles are repurposed from an old McDonald’s. This old record player was thrifted. The light fixtures are being suspended with airplane wire. Brewington insisted on taking on the general contractor duties of his newly opened restaurant, Funky Grits, a highly … [Read more...]

Sushi and more at Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market

My friend Abbas, chef at the Atlas Grille, loves sushi, so when he insisted that I join him for a bite at the new Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market, I didn't hesitate. The selection of nigiri and maki rolls at Intown Sushi is pretty basic, but the fish is very fresh, the sushi very well prepared, and the menu offers some items that you can't find at most little sushi … [Read more...]

Iran: the See For Yourself Tour

Day 1-2: Tehran Arrival at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA),where we will meet our guide and transfer to the hotel. After a short rest, we will have a tour to visit some highlights of Tehran such as the National Museum, Golestan palace and bazaar.  Before we leave Tehran, we will also visit the Milad Tower, an art gallery, the award-winning Tabiat Pol bridge and … [Read more...]

Hai Hai makes Vietnamese Cuisine Exciting Again

Hai Hai, the new Vietnamese restaurant at 22nd and University Ave. N.E.,  makes Vietnamese cuisine exciting again - which is quite an accomplishment. The place has been jam-packed with millennials ever since it opened a few weeks ago. Owners Christina Nguyen and Birk Stefan Grudem have followed the same formula that has made their Hola Arepa such a popular eatery - fresh … [Read more...]

Moroccan Flavors: Beyond the Menu

I have long enjoyed the cuisine of Hassan and Raja Ziadi at Moroccan Flavors, the little counter-service cafe they operate inside the Midtown Global Market. But their ready-to-eat menu is limited, and I always wondered what the Ziadis could come up with if I gave them carte blanche and a little advance notice. So that is what I did last weekend. I called them Friday evening, … [Read more...]

Little Africa Walking Tour

The neighborhood around Snelling and University in St. Paul is home to a growing number of African Immigrant businesses. Under the leadership of African Economic Development Solutions, they have branded themselves as the Little Africa Business and Cultural District of Minnesota. This is an experimental post, using an app called PocketSights (available free for Apple and … [Read more...]

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