Big Marina Grill & Deli in Columbia Heights: Middle Eastern and more

The buffet offerings are as varied as the clientele at Big Marina Grill & Deli, 4755 Central Ave., Columbia Heights—mostly Middle Eastern, with lamb shanks, chicken kabobs, kofta kabobs, stuffed grape leaves, grilled eggplant, felafel, hummus, tabouli, soups, samosas, baklava, and Greek and Middle Eastern salads and pastries. But there are lots of other dishes to choose … [Read more...]

The Pig Ate My Pizza—and I ate the pig

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the wild and crazy guys behind Travail Kitchen & Amusements opened a pizzeria? Would they, like, create a foie gras pizza? Or a Mussels from Brussels pizza, as a tribute to Jean Claude Van Damme, topped with mussels, brussel sprouts, and chorizo? Or maybe an appetizer made from pig feet and cheeks, and call it … [Read more...]

Quick bites at Nightingale in Minneapolis: Mussels steamed in Boom Island Ale and grilled romaine with boquerones

Stopped in recently for a quick bite at Nightingale, 2551 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, and discovered a couple of delightful dishes. Mussels seem to be absolutely everywhere these days, usually prepared in white white wine, but Nightingale's rendition was distinctively different: steamed in Boom Island beer with butter and smoked tomatoes ($10). The grilled romaine ($7) was … [Read more...]

Leftover surprise! Hello Pizza in Edina, and how I got paid to eat White Castle fish and shrimp tacos

What's on the menu this week is leftovers. Hello Pizza. Fish and shrimp tacos from White Castle. Don't like it? Tough. Go read somewhere else. I was out of town for a few days, and so I am dishing up what's left in the fridge.First of all, a visit last week to the new Hello Pizza in Edina. And let me preface this with a few words of wisdom from the old philosopher: so much of … [Read more...]

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