Sushi and more at Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market

My friend Abbas, chef at the Atlas Grille, loves sushi, so when he insisted that I join him for a bite at the new Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market, I didn't hesitate. The selection of nigiri and maki rolls at Intown Sushi is pretty basic, but the fish is very fresh, the sushi very well prepared, and the menu offers some items that you can't find at most little sushi … [Read more...]

Ghebre’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant now open right across the street from Fasika | City Pages

There will be beef platters and chicken and spinach platters, the latter being a family speciality; lamb tibs and beef tibs; and hot and spicy chicken stew with a hard boiled egg. There will be vegetable combos and potatoes both spicy and non-spicy, and lots and lots of other things. Source: Ghebre's Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant now open right across the street from Fasika … [Read more...]

Cossetta: Destinazione Italia in St. Paul!

There is a “Little Italy” in most American cities where Italians settled in any numbers, especially at the turn of the last century, but except for the very large Italian-American neighborhoods of New York City, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, they reveal only a limited flavor of the real thing. The Twin Cities were also first settled by Italian immigrants at the end of … [Read more...]

Donghae: Korean cuisine in downtown Minneapolis

I love Korean cuisine, but I hate driving all the way to Eagan (Hoban), Columbia Heights (Dong Yang) or Fridley (King's Korean) or even Snelling Avenue in St. Paul (Mirror of Korea, Sole) to get it. The Korea Cafe and Tofu House in Stadium Village are okay when I really need a kimchi fix, but both are pretty limited. So I have been delighted to discover a first-rate Korean … [Read more...]

Terzo: the best Italian restaurant in the Twin Cities?

If Terzo at 50th and Penn isn't the best Italian restaurant in the Twin Cities, it is at least the best Italian restaurant I have been to in years. I'll admit that I haven't thoroughly checked out the three new Italian restaurants that have gotten a lot of buzz lately - Parella, Monello and Il Foro. At first glance, their menus seem pretty similar. I did sample a few of the … [Read more...]

Somali Museum of Minnesota

The Somali Museum of Minnesota may be the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving traditional Somali culture. While there once was a national history museum in Mogadishu, the contents of that museum have scattered around the world.  Minnesota is now home to one of the world’s largest Somali diaspora populations, and it is now also the home of this unique opportunity … [Read more...]

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