Hai Hai makes Vietnamese Cuisine Exciting Again

Hai Hai, the new Vietnamese restaurant at 22nd and University Ave. N.E.,  makes Vietnamese cuisine exciting again - which is quite an accomplishment. The place has been jam-packed with millennials ever since it opened a few weeks ago. Owners Christina Nguyen and Birk Stefan Grudem have followed the same formula that has made their Hola Arepa such a popular eatery - fresh … [Read more...]

Sole Cafe on Snelling Avenue isn’t hip, it’s hot | City Pages

Korean cuisine is having its day, with trendy restaurants everywhere piling hot dogs with kimchi and selling riffs on bibimbap and calling them “rice bowls.”But Kimberly Firnstahl is from Korea. She doesn’t suffer fools, and she’ll gleefully laugh at your suffering through her fiery dishes. She’s also the unofficial mom to the 15,000 or so Korean adoptees who live in the state, …