The Himalayan goes fast casual in Dinkytown | City Pages

For a quick, cheap, delicious lunch, it's tough to beat a good old-fashioned Indian or Tibetan buffet. Simmering saags, curries, and masalas are all but made for the buffet table. At the best places, abundant all-you-can eat dishes are available by the dozen for little more than 10 bucks. The Himalayan has long been one of those places. Now they've added a new way to lunch: the … [Read more...]

Cossetta: Destinazione Italia in St. Paul!

There is a “Little Italy” in most American cities where Italians settled in any numbers, especially at the turn of the last century, but except for the very large Italian-American neighborhoods of New York City, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, they reveal only a limited flavor of the real thing. The Twin Cities were also first settled by Italian immigrants at the end of … [Read more...]

Terzo: the best Italian restaurant in the Twin Cities?

If Terzo at 50th and Penn isn't the best Italian restaurant in the Twin Cities, it is at least the best Italian restaurant I have been to in years. I'll admit that I haven't thoroughly checked out the three new Italian restaurants that have gotten a lot of buzz lately - Parella, Monello and Il Foro. At first glance, their menus seem pretty similar. I did sample a few of the … [Read more...]

Le Town Talk Bistro

The venerable Town Talk Diner has been transformed with a bit of Gallic whimsy into Le Town talk, an inspired hybrid of French cuisine and American diner ambience.  The menu ranges from salade Nicoise, bouillabaise and chicken thighs in lemon, caper and white wine to croque monsieur, Marseille burger and steak frites, at very reasonable prices. … [Read more...]

La Huasteca: you think you know Mexican street food?

You think you know Mexican cuisine? Okay, everybody has heard of tacos and tamales. But what about tacos de canasta?  Or tacos al vapor? Or tacos Oaxaquenos? Or barbacoa de chivo? Or birria de cordero? Or Dori'locos. They are all on the menu at La Huasteca, a friendly little Mexican diner and take-out on Eat Street. Tacos al canasta - basket tacos - are a kind of tacos … [Read more...]

New in LynLake: Tinto Cocina + Cantina

Mexican seems to be the hot new cuisine in town - specifically the slightly upscale but still affordable Mexican bistro. In the past year or so, we have seen the arrival of La Fresca, the Sonora Grill, Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar, and Lago Tacos (less trendy, but in the same ballpark.)  Of course, the Twin Cities have had a lively Mexican food scene for many years, … [Read more...]

88 Oriental Foods – Best Larb in Town?

The business cards for 88 Oriental Foods boast that the little Asian market at 291 W. University Ave. in St. Paul has "The Best Larb in Town." That's a pretty bold boast, considering that there are at least half a dozen restaurants within a few blocks that offer some version of this specialty of Laos and northeastern Thailand. Larb, sometimes spelled laab, is the Lao/Thai … [Read more...]

Katar River: flavors and aromas of Ethiopia

It's easy to miss the Katar River restaurant, hidden away in a little industrial strip behind the Lake & Hiawatha shopping center in south Minneapolis. And even if you saw the big sign outside, you probably wouldn't know that this is specifically an Ethiopian restaurant, and a very good one. The basic menu is pretty much the same as most of the other Ethiopian … [Read more...]

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