Donghae: Korean cuisine in downtown Minneapolis

I love Korean cuisine, but I hate driving all the way to Eagan (Hoban), Columbia Heights (Dong Yang) or Fridley (King's Korean) or even Snelling Avenue in St. Paul (Mirror of Korea, Sole) to get it. The Korea Cafe and Tofu House in Stadium Village are okay when I really need a kimchi fix, but both are pretty limited. So I have been delighted to discover a first-rate Korean … [Read more...]

Somali Museum of Minnesota

The Somali Museum of Minnesota may be the only museum in the world dedicated to preserving traditional Somali culture. While there once was a national history museum in Mogadishu, the contents of that museum have scattered around the world.  Minnesota is now home to one of the world’s largest Somali diaspora populations, and it is now also the home of this unique opportunity … [Read more...]

Hindu Temple of Minnesota

The Hindu Temple of Minnesota, located in rural Maple Grove, is the largest indoor Hindu temple in the United States, and one of Minnesota's best kept secrets. The temple has five full-time priests on staff, who minister to a local Hindu community of more than 10,000 members. Unlike temples in India, which are typically devoted to a single deity, the Hindu temple houses shrines … [Read more...]

La Huasteca: you think you know Mexican street food?

You think you know Mexican cuisine? Okay, everybody has heard of tacos and tamales. But what about tacos de canasta?  Or tacos al vapor? Or tacos Oaxaquenos? Or barbacoa de chivo? Or birria de cordero? Or Dori'locos. They are all on the menu at La Huasteca, a friendly little Mexican diner and take-out on Eat Street. Tacos al canasta - basket tacos - are a kind of tacos … [Read more...]

New in LynLake: Tinto Cocina + Cantina

Mexican seems to be the hot new cuisine in town - specifically the slightly upscale but still affordable Mexican bistro. In the past year or so, we have seen the arrival of La Fresca, the Sonora Grill, Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar, and Lago Tacos (less trendy, but in the same ballpark.)  Of course, the Twin Cities have had a lively Mexican food scene for many years, … [Read more...]

Katar River: flavors and aromas of Ethiopia

It's easy to miss the Katar River restaurant, hidden away in a little industrial strip behind the Lake & Hiawatha shopping center in south Minneapolis. And even if you saw the big sign outside, you probably wouldn't know that this is specifically an Ethiopian restaurant, and a very good one. The basic menu is pretty much the same as most of the other Ethiopian … [Read more...]

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