Sushi and more at Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market

My friend Abbas, chef at the Atlas Grille, loves sushi, so when he insisted that I join him for a bite at the new Intown Sushi in the Midtown Global Market, I didn't hesitate. The selection of nigiri and maki rolls at Intown Sushi is pretty basic, but the fish is very fresh, the sushi very well prepared, and the menu offers some items that you can't find at most little sushi … [Read more...]

Hai Hai makes Vietnamese Cuisine Exciting Again

Hai Hai, the new Vietnamese restaurant at 22nd and University Ave. N.E.,  makes Vietnamese cuisine exciting again - which is quite an accomplishment. The place has been jam-packed with millennials ever since it opened a few weeks ago. Owners Christina Nguyen and Birk Stefan Grudem have followed the same formula that has made their Hola Arepa such a popular eatery - fresh … [Read more...]

Sole Cafe on Snelling Avenue isn’t hip, it’s hot | City Pages

Korean cuisine is having its day, with trendy restaurants everywhere piling hot dogs with kimchi and selling riffs on bibimbap and calling them “rice bowls.”But Kimberly Firnstahl is from Korea. She doesn’t suffer fools, and she’ll gleefully laugh at your suffering through her fiery dishes. She’s also the unofficial mom to the 15,000 or so Korean adoptees who live in the state, … [Read more...]

Ghebre’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant now open right across the street from Fasika | City Pages

There will be beef platters and chicken and spinach platters, the latter being a family speciality; lamb tibs and beef tibs; and hot and spicy chicken stew with a hard boiled egg. There will be vegetable combos and potatoes both spicy and non-spicy, and lots and lots of other things. Source: Ghebre's Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant now open right across the street from Fasika … [Read more...]

Dulce Mex is a dreamy Mexican candy and pinata emporium | City Pages

When we spotted colorful Dulce Mex after our latest visit to Taco Libre, we couldn't help but go careening off the road to investigate.What is your kid’s (or niece's or nephew's or husband's) greatest yen of the moment? Minions? The Little Mermaid? Corona?You’ll find them here, charmingly decked out in colorful tissue paper, waiting to be filled with whatever you please. And … [Read more...]

Hoban Korean BBQ: First Look

I love Korean cuisine, and I have been a fan of Hoban Korean Restaurant in Eagan for many years. So I looked forward to the opening of the new Hoban Korean BBQ in Uptown with great anticipation. Last week, we checked it out. First, the good news. The new Hoban is strikingly stylish, with flagstone walls and marble tabletops. K-pop music videos on the big screen behind the … [Read more...]

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