Green Card Voices: Itoro Emmanuel

After losing his father to diabetes, Itoro Emmanuel decided to become a nurse. He finds great joy in providing quality care for his patients. Born in Nigeria, Mr. Emmanuel grew up in the coastal city of Eket with his five siblings. He loved to play basketball and would walk fifteen miles to play at the nearest court. When a friend applied to universities in the United … [Read more...]

Green Card Voices: Thorunn Bjarnadottir

When she came to the United States, Thorunn Bjarnadottir didn’t think she would end up staying. Thirty years later, she has her American citizenship and a family here. Ms. Bjarnadottir was born and raised in Iceland. She grew up in a large family with three other siblings and enjoyed a carefree, independent, and nature-filled upbringing. When it was time for college, Thorunn … [Read more...]

Green Card Voices: Willian Alonzo

Willian Alonzo left Guatemala so he could help his family. Now, he’s able to send enough money back home to send his brothers to school. Willian was born in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. He grew up in a very poor family. He was often absent from school so he could work with her father and dropped out altogether when his family couldn’t afford his tuition. Wanting to provide a … [Read more...]

Green Card Voices: Zaynab Abdi

Since arriving in the United States, Zaynab Abdi has set goals for herself. She wants to have the best future possible. Zaynab was born in Aden, Yemen. She grew up in a large household with her extended family. Her mother immigrated to the United States through the Green Card Lottery when Zaynab was very young. After sixteen years, her mother was eligible to sponsor her for … [Read more...]