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Iggers' Digest is the personal blog of Jeremy Iggers, publisher of Global Twin Cities.

Hey Spitz! You call that wrap a döner?

Maybe I over-reacted. I had ordered a $9 döner sandwich at Spitz, a hip new chain restaurant on East Hennepin, expecting a nice juicy sandwich stuffed with real meat - like you get when you order a Döner sandwich in Istanbul or Vienna, or when you order shawarma at one of the better Middle Eastern restaurants in town. So when the bartender set this wrap down in front of me, … [Read more...]

Tee Belachew is back with a new Ethiopian-Asian restaurant

I was really bummed last year when Tee Belachew closed T's Place, his restaurant and music club on East Lake Street. It has been replaced by the Addis Ababa, which also serves good Ethiopian cuisine, and world music, but Tee's was something special - possibly the only Ethiopian-Malaysian fusion restaurant in the world. Tee learned to cook Malaysian cuisine when he partnered … [Read more...]

Scena Tavern: where Happy Hour never ends – CLOSED

Suddenly, the hip new Scena Tavern in Uptown is my new favorite Happy Hour go-to. Except that Happy Hour is a bit of a misnomer: In the dining room, Happy Hour is from 4 to 7 p.m., and again from 10 p.m. to midnight, but on the ground-level and second-floor patios, the HH menu is served from 4 to close. When we dine in Uptown, it's usually out of laziness, rather than by … [Read more...]

Why we need Single Payer: the case of the CPAP nasal mask

I use a CPAP machine to help me sleep at night. Works pretty well, but the nasal mask is kind of uncomfortable. I just discovered a highly rated new CPAP mask, made by Philips Respironics, the same company that makes my CPAP machine. Sounds great. It's available online from Amazon for $70. So I call the Allina medical equipment store at Abbott Northwestern. Do you carry the … [Read more...]

The Three Dumbest Things People Are Saying About Bernie’s Campaign

 (Not a definitive list.) 1)"It's hypocritical for Bernie to run as a Democrat. If he wants to run for president, he should run as an independent." Funny, nobody has objected to Bernie caucusing with the Democrats in the Senate. Nor has anybody objected to the fact that Bernie has (according to his campaign) "raised more money for the Senate Democrats than almost any other … [Read more...]