Donghae: Korean cuisine in downtown Minneapolis

I love Korean cuisine, but I hate driving all the way to Eagan (Hoban), Columbia Heights (Dong Yang) or Fridley (King's Korean) or even Snelling Avenue in St. Paul (Mirror of Korea, Sole) to get it. The Korea Cafe and Tofu House in Stadium Village are okay when I really need a kimchi fix, but both are pretty limited. So I have been delighted to discover a first-rate Korean … [Read more...]

Katar River: flavors and aromas of Ethiopia

It's easy to miss the Katar River restaurant, hidden away in a little industrial strip behind the Lake & Hiawatha shopping center in south Minneapolis. And even if you saw the big sign outside, you probably wouldn't know that this is specifically an Ethiopian restaurant, and a very good one. The basic menu is pretty much the same as most of the other Ethiopian … [Read more...]

IGGERS DIGEST | Saigon Uptown: Last of the old-time Vietnamese

I tried to tell the two sisters who run the Saigon Uptown that they need to raise their prices. "We know," one of them replied, "but we're too busy." Which seems a little odd, since whenever I have visited, it has been nearly empty. Instead, they have put a little note inside their menu, advising customers that all the listed prices have been raised by 50 cents. So pork with … [Read more...]

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