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  • German Twin Cities

    German immigrants started arriving in Minnesota in the 1850s, and today there are more Minnesotans are of German ancestry than any other ethnicity – nearly 40 percent. The German presence in the Twin Cities includes restaurants such as the Black Forest and Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter; the Germanic-American Institute, and the German-American Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Chinese Twin Cities



    Chinese-Americans in Minnesota -Minnesota History Center

    “The first Chinese immigrants arrived in Minnesota in the mid-1870s. By the late 1880s more than 100 Chinese men had entered the state, with most settling in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Duluth, and the rest scattered in smaller towns. Family life developed slowly in Minnesota’s early Chinese community and elsewhere in the United States, due to the restrictions of the immigration law, Chinese tradition, and the high cost of trans-Pacific travel.…

  • Somali Twin Cities

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    The Somali people are a major ethnic group in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul (Twin Cities) urban area. As of 2013, there were around 25,000 Somalis in Minnesota.[1]

    Ethnic Somalis first emigrated to the Twin Cities as voluntary migrants in the 1980s and earlier. They journeyed to attend scholastic institutions or to establish businesses, including many professionals. Other Somalis arrived in the United States after the start of the civil war in Somalia during the early 1990s, or from other parts of Greater Somalia.

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