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  • Center For Hmong Arts & Talent

    CHAT envisions a vibrant community where Hmong American artists are inspired to share their perspectives, valued for their creative contributions, and empowered to challenge life’s boundaries.

    CHAT addresses social injustices through Hmong American artists and youth that express their inner truths through contemporary arts by 1) raising awareness 2) initiating action and 3) building community.

    Reflecting our mission statement, our commitment to a viable arts community and our strong belief in the benefits of arts education, these value statements embody our core principles:

    CHAT values Creativity by:
    • Appreciating the spirit of innovation
    • Encouraging original thought
    • Supporting individual character
    • Sharing awe-inspiring works

    CHAT values Community by:
    • Appreciating diverse backgrounds and experiences
    • Encouraging collaborative efforts
    • Supporting social justice
    • Sharing resources

    CHAT values Integrity by:
    • Appreciating truth and honesty
    • Encouraging accountability
    • Supporting quality and excellence
    • Sharing our commitment to higher principles

    CHAT values Progress by:
    • Appreciating forwarding thinking and movement
    • Encouraging growth and development
    • Supporting consistent productivity
    • Sharing visionary leadership

    • To provide quality arts education, activities and opportunities for Hmong American children and youth;
    • To foster the advancement of emerging and experienced Hmong American artists and;
    • To build audiences for the arts by creating and producing art that significantly enhances understanding both within the Hmong community as well cross-culturally.…

  • Ciné Club: Pas son Genre

    Comédie dramatique, 2013, 1h52

    Un film de Lucas Belvaux avec Emilie Dequenne et Loïc Corbery.

    Clément, professeur parisien de philosophie est affecté à Arras. Désoeuvré, il rencontre Jennifer, jolie coiffeuse, qui devient sa maîtresse. Si la vie de Clément est régie par Kant ou Proust, celle de Jennifer est rythmée par la lecture de magazines et de soirées karaoké avec ses copines. Ils vivent pourtant le plus beau des amours. Mais cela peut-il durer?

    Clément, a young philosophy teacher from Paris is sent to Arras for a year.…

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