All Community Organizations in Minneapolis

  • Ballet Folklorico Mexico Azteca (BFMA)

    Ballet Folklórico México Azteca is a dance group consisting of youth and adults dedicated to the performance and preservation of traditional Mexican folk dance. It helps them to feel proud of their heritage and promotes cultural understanding between diverse communities in Minnesota.…

  • Minnesota Punjabi Society

    Minnesota Punjabi Society (MPS) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization promoting education, good citizenship, community development, civic commitment and involvement, and preserving Punjabi Culture, language, sports and performing arts of the North-Indian state of Punjab among its community members and also mainstream Americans in Minnesota and beyond. MPS caters to this need both by directly organizing events that bring community members together from all over the Minnesota and by facilitating participation of its community members in mainstream activities.…

  • Russian Cultural Center “Russian Soul”

    “Russian Soul” offers educational and entertainment programs for children and adults, including concerts, workshops, classes.

    The folk ensemble “Belozer’e” has created 14 original programs presenting a wide spectrum of Russian folk songs and dances—from rare XIXth century wedding & fortune-telling songs & dances to modern folklore.…

  • Oromo Culture Institute of Minnesota

    Our mission is to create learning and teaching  opportunities for the Oromo community and any interested scholars in the Oromo culture, history, and art.

    Our goal is to bridge the gap between our kids and parents and connect our community to the global societies.

    The Oromo Culture Institute of Minnesota (OCIM) is a non-profit, none-political, and non-religious organization that founded in 2013 by groups of Oromo artists, thinkers, historians, and activists. The group understood that the Oromo culture, language, art, and historical identity are in danger of disappearing, and preventing this damage is not only important and it is their responsibility.

  • Ethiopian Community in Minnesota

    ECM strives to promote successful integration of Ethiopians to the wider American society while preserving their cultural heritage. It is our goal to promote understanding and harmony between and among Ethiopians and members of the wider Minnesota community by facilitating communication regarding the histories, backgrounds, languages and cultures of the respective communities.…

  • Vietnamese Community of Minnesota

    “Our Mission:
    To preserve and enrich our cultural heritage through educational initiatives; cooperate with other Vietnamese associations in unified actions for the benefit of the Vietnamese community; and promote cross-cultural interaction and foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the Vietnamese community and other communities.
    In January 2004, our mission was revised to include:
    Preservation and enrichment of our cultural heritage through education initiatives;
    Cooperation with other Vietnamese and South East Asian organizations in unified actions for the benefit of the Vietnamese community;
    Promotion of cross-cultural interaction and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between the Vietnamese community and other communities;
    Advocacy and promotion of the socio-economic influence and well-being of the Vietnamese Community in Minnesota.”…

  • Average Mohamed was set up to talk plainly to Humanity. The issue of extremism is one that directly affects us all. I have waited for a constructive logical argument that can reach average people. It has dawned on me that it will take an average guy. It is an average guy who turns average people into extremists. It will take all of us average people to tell them other wise. My mission is simply create a counter ideology with your help and input.…

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