All Performing Arts in Minneapolis

  • Finn Hall

    Finnish and Finnish-American Dance Music Band.
    Influences: Music of the old historic Finn Halls in the US and Canada, and those Finnish-American musicians who kept the music alive.
    Mandolin player and Vocalist Ralph Tuttila, Violinist and Nyckelharpa player Cheryl Paschke, Violinist Johanna Lorbach, Accordionist Dennis Halme, Accordionist and Vocalist Al Reko, and Bass player and Vocalist Jaana Tuttila. Other vocals provided by other band members.…

  • Samba Meu

    Samba Meu is a Twin Cities-based acoustic Brazilian music ensemble led by vocalist Karen Quiroz with master World Music percussionist Tim O’Keefe, and David Martin on acoustic guitar and electric bass. Samba Meu brings you the best in Brazilian contemporary and roots music for dancing and listening. Karen is a fiscal year 2016 recipient of an Minnesota Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. With this grant she will be hosting a series of Rodas, music parties featuring roots music and social dance from various regions of Brazil.

  • Swara Zankaar

    Swara Zankaar is a Minnesota based musical group consisting of singers and instrumentalists from different parts of Maharashtra, India. With knowledge in Indian classical, semi-classical and western classical music, they form a unique group of performers!…

  • Katha Dance Theatre

    Katha Dance Theatre is dedicated to offering high quality, entertaining and educational performances of Kathak dance, the classical dance tradition of North India. This graceful, spontaneous dance has its origin in the narrative tradition of the village minstrel, the storyteller. Enriched over the centuries with Indo-Persian cultures, this narrative entertainment blossomed into the intricately patterned dance form known today as Kathak, one of the six major classical dance forms of India. Considered by many to be one of the most dynamic theater arts in the world, Kathak dance combines lyrical grace, subtle expressions and meaningful hand gestures with physically demanding pirouettes and intricate footwork.…

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