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There are many different Ethiopian organizations in the Twin  Cities.

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  • O City Restaurant and Hookah

    Oromo restaurant – an ethnic group from Ethiopia.

    “The array of recipes you can find at O-City Restaurant range from mom’s home made Hulbata, to the best Middle-Eastern Biryani-Rice, or the testy Ugali reflective of one’s Kenyan culinary experience. If you happen to crave your favorite American dining adventure for burger or wings, it is also available to ensure your experience with the most delicious halal noshing.” – Elias Usso, “Little Oromia, Where Young Oromo Can Dream and Start Up A Business: O-City Restaurant“.…

  • Oromo Culture Institute of Minnesota

    Our mission is to create learning and teaching  opportunities for the Oromo community and any interested scholars in the Oromo culture, history, and art.

    Our goal is to bridge the gap between our kids and parents and connect our community to the global societies.

    The Oromo Culture Institute of Minnesota (OCIM) is a non-profit, none-political, and non-religious organization that founded in 2013 by groups of Oromo artists, thinkers, historians, and activists. The group understood that the Oromo culture, language, art, and historical identity are in danger of disappearing, and preventing this damage is not only important and it is their responsibility.

  • Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church of Minnesota

    Welcome to Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church Church!

    The Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church (OROEC) in Minnesota is the product of Bible study group started by Oromo students who were attending Luther Seminary and Augsburg College and few other Oromos in the Twin Cities area back in 1987. They were meeting on weekly basis for Bible study and prayer on Fridays at family homes.

    This home Bible study group grew as the number of Oromo immigrants continued to increase as a result of political persecution in Ethiopia.…

  • Ethiopian Community in Minnesota

    ECM strives to promote successful integration of Ethiopians to the wider American society while preserving their cultural heritage. It is our goal to promote understanding and harmony between and among Ethiopians and members of the wider Minnesota community by facilitating communication regarding the histories, backgrounds, languages and cultures of the respective communities.…

  • Zehabesha

    Ze Habesha LLC is an Ethiopian American media company based in Minnesota, with presence in the print and broadcast media. Zehabesha strives to provide unbiased information to the ever-growing Ethiopian American community and works toward bridging cultures
    Ze-Habesha is a diversified news and information newspaper that represents America’s local and national Ethiopian community. Ze-habesha is a free bilingual newspaper with production based in the Minnesota. Zehabesha, published bi-monthly by the Ze-Habesha LLC, has been in publication for 7 years.…

  • Demera Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

    Get an authentic taste at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant. Here, you’ll find a carefully crafted menu with rich traditions and authentic culture ingrained in every meal. From traditional coffee ceremonies to hosting special events, we are here to serve you. And with family values woven throughout every facet of our business, you’ll feel right at home.…

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