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  • Association of Nepalis in Minnesota

    Association of Nepalis in Minnesota’s mission is to build, preserve and promote an enthusiastic, active and supportive community among the Nepalese and friends of Nepal in the State of Minnesota thus strengthening the bond of friendship and cooperation.

    ANMN’s Objectives are:

    1. To promote Nepali culture through various mediums such as these:
    * Cultural Shows that include, songs, dances, skits etc.
    * Concerts and shows of various local as well as professional artistes
    * Food festivals
    * Annual Picnics
    * Sports Tournaments
    * Dasain-Tihar Celebration
    * Nepali New Year Celebration
    * Art Exhibitions & Literature promotion
    * Camping, and special tour
    * Exchange ideas via information workshops

  • Ragamala Dance Company

    “We draw from the myth and spirituality of our South Indian heritage to make dance landscapes that dwell in opposition—secular and spiritual life, inner and outer worlds, human and natural concerns, rhythm and stillness—to find the transcendence that lies in between. Together we craft every moment to create intricate and complex worlds that convey a sense of reverence, of unfolding mystery, of universal celebration.”…

  • Chinese Heritage Foundation

    The Chinese Heritage Foundation has been established by members of the local Chinese community in cooperation with The Minneapolis Foundation to preserve and promote the understanding of Chinese history, culture, and heritage among all Minnesotans.…

  • Ananya Dance Theatre

    Our artistic work unfolds through a unique contemporary Indian dance vocabulary, danced by women of color, and rooted in social justice issues that are both local and global. Our work is inspired by the extraordinary dreams of ordinary women, inspiring our audiences through emotional and visual engagement. We link women’s stories to movement and offer training in contemporary Indian dance and social justice movement vocabulary. We premier one new work annually; in addition, we offer touring performances, workshops, and dialogues throughout the year.…

  • Malabari Kitchen

    Tired of those unhealthy dishes full of artificial color, cream and additives – try something new. Malabari Kitchen offers home style food with no synthetic colors or flavor enhancers, all our delicacies are cooked with natural ingredients and genuine spices. One of our chef is an Ayurvedic expert and so you can expect healthy balance in all our dishes. We use the most healthy coconut oil. Our specialities include a variety of sea food options (crab, shrimp, mussels, and fresh fish) which you can find in no other indian restaurants.…

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