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  • Restaurant Baku

    Walking into Restaurant Baku, the Twin Cities’ first Azerbaijani/Russian restaurant, is like entering another country – at least when the dining room is filled with Russian-speaking guests. The vodka flows freely, and there’s a Russian tv variety show playing on the screen above the bar. The menu offers classic Russian fare such as borscht, beef Stroganoff and chicken Tabaka, as well as kabobs of chicken, pork and lamb, plus piti, a soup of mutton, vegetables and chickpeas that is billed as the national dish of Azerbaijan.…

  • Zerkalo – Russian Language Media of Minnesota

    “Zerkalo” is the oldest, biggest and the only one Russian language publishing house in Minnesota, we work since 1991.

    We are the only Russian language source of information about Minnesota: the most interesting local events, local news, еinterviews, articles, and local companies and services.

    We are very well known in Russian community, which is pretty big here – there are 45,000 Russian language speakers live in Twin Cities area.

    We have: 2 monthly newspapers, a magazine, and an annual Russian language Directory (“Russian Yellow Pages”).…

  • Moscow On The Hill – Russian Restaurant St Paul

    Moscow on the Hill is where American upper-midwest meets post-Perestroika Russia. We are located in St. Paul’s most European-esque neighborhood, at the corner of Western and Selby Avenues, just up the street from the stately St. Paul Cathedral.

    Our menu offers a variety of warm Russian comfort foods, with both meat and vegetarian dishes. You will find well-recognized names such as Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev, Borsht and Blini with Caviar next to unfamiliar Pelmeni (meat-stuffed dumplings) and Vareniki (similar to Polish Pirogies).…

  • The Museum of Russian Art

    The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) is a non-profit, member-supported museum dedicated to the presentation and preservation of all forms of Russian art and artifacts.

    Housed in a beautifully renovated historic building, the Museum’s multi-level galleries provide a tranquil and intimate setting for TMORA’s exhibitions and educational events. …

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