Ethiopian Twin Cities

There are many different Ethiopian organizations in the Twin  Cities.

Tag: Ethiopian in Saint Paul

  • Demera Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

    Get an authentic taste at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant. Here, you’ll find a carefully crafted menu with rich traditions and authentic culture ingrained in every meal. From traditional coffee ceremonies to hosting special events, we are here to serve you. And with family values woven throughout every facet of our business, you’ll feel right at home.…

  • Ethiopian Evangelical Church in MN

    I believe God has called my wife and myself to serve this great generation and to proclaim the healing, deliverance and the Good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free, to heal the broken hearted and to open the prisons gates to them that are bound.

    I believe God has given us the same job, with the same anointing, to reach mankind. We have a great vision that we are committed to do – to build the church of God with love and unity so that all may grow to the fullness of Christ.…

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