The Bachelor Farmer — Minnesota nice, and great food, too

We finally made it over last week to the Bachelor Farmer, the Dayton brothers’ hot new restaurant in the Warehouse District.  I was kind of curious when it first opened last fall, so I stopped in for a drink and perused the menu. I don’t remember the details, but I think it was the split pea soup with ham for around $20 that gave me pause. Carol grew up on a farm in … [Read more...]

When my baby smiles at me, I go to Samba

Rio de Janeiro isn't in my travel plans this year, but driving down Main Street in Hopkins the other night, I came across a delightful surprise - a new Brazilian restaurant called Samba. I am not sure what happened in Hopkins over the last year or two, but it seems like a gastro-neutron bomb wiped out a lot of the local restaurant scene: Michaeangelo's Trattoria, Camille's … [Read more...]

Delights of India reincarnated at Lake and Emerson

by Jeremy Iggers March 29, 2009 • The storefront at Lake and Lyndale that was formerly Marla's Indian cuisine has come back to life again, with the reopening of Delights of India. Before it was Marla's, it was Natraj, and before that Moghuls, and before that, it was Delites of India, owned by B.K. and Ameeta Arora. (And if your memory stretches back that far, it started out as … [Read more...]

Zen: Asian contemporary at Lyn-Lake

by Jeremy Iggers | March 28, 2009 • There's a little bit of everything Asian at Zen, the new "Asian Contemporary" restaurant at 3016 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis: Japanese chawanmushi and tempura (your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp), Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup from Thailand, Korean short ribs and Vietnamese Pho and lemongrass chicken, and Chinese orange-glazed duck and … [Read more...]

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